Women's Health and Perinatal Psychiatric Consultants

Deborah R. Kim, MD

Dr. Deborah Kim is a board certified psychiatrist practicing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over 15 years.  For appointments, please call 610-206-3875. She opened a private practice 3 years ago after training and working at the University of Pennsylvania for many years.  She specializes in mental health issues affecting pregnant and postpartum women.  She treats women with PMDD, peri-menopausal depression and women with major medical disorders who have mental health needs.  She has additional expertise in treating anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD.  Dr. Kim is licensed in both PA and NJ to prescribe alternative treatments for anxiety and PTSD.  Her office offers several sophisticated treatments including deep transcranial magnetic stimulation for patients with treatment resistant depression and/or OCD.  She is available for second opinions as well.   She is an accomplished researcher, international lecturer and has written many peer-reviewed journal articles on women's mental health. Dr. Kim will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan. This may include genetic testing to see how you metabolize psychiatric medications.

Dr. Kim's practice does not participate with any insurance carriers and all visits must be paid at the time of service. For her fee schedule, please call 610-206-3875.  Her practice accepts checks and all credit/debit cards.